Based on a true story
  1. You stain your shirt
    Coffee spillage is a daily occurrence
  2. Pleasant interactions with strangers
    This includes both the people I cut off and the people who cut me off... And those people who see you rocking out to "titanium" by yourself and you share that awkward look
  3. You get in near accidents BECAUSE of how slow traffic is moving, which causes you to lose focus
    Or maybe that's because you're jamming out to "titanium"
  4. The worst songs on your iPod come on
    The thing decides 8 am is the perfect time for HSM. There are right times for this, but this is definitely the worst time.
  5. It is raining
    And you need gas. (You live in New York, which means you need to get out of your car to fill up)
  6. It is raining (part 2)
    Your windshield wipers don't work fast enough to wipe away the evil slop
  7. You get to where you're going.
    It's inevitable