Favorite Jerry Goldsmith Scores

One of the all time great film composers!
  1. A nostalgia favorite for sure...but it's awesome none the less...
  2. Alternately terrifying and beautiful. "Carol Anne's" theme is one of my favorite themes EVER.
  3. I had never seen the movie before I bought the score...and it knocked my socks off. One of his best from the 90's
  4. What the hell is this movie? There's no Van Damme in this one, just Eric Stoltz. Not available on DVD...but the music is AWESOME.
  5. It's tough to pick a favorite Star Trek score...so I went with this one-the original!
  6. Jerry's first animated film...pure magic!
  7. The 2nd and 3rd Rambo films have awesome soundtracks as well...but the original is the one I put on most.
  8. Tangerine Dream my a$$...Jerry's score is perfect and doesn't sound dated.
  9. Score was completed in just a few weeks...and has since become a classic.
  10. The film is an obvious knock off of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"...but Goldsmiths score is AMAZING.
  11. A bad ass action score...and that opening title music is amazing!
  12. Another great 90's score from Mr. Goldsmith.
  13. A cool, electronic infused score.