I spent the week using my parents' minivan to move boxes of my stuff from Virginia to New York. Armed with a 5-disc CD changer and a radio, I spent close to 10 hours reacquainting myself with the musical stylings of my 16 year-old self.
  1. George Carlin- What Am I Doing in New Jersey?
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    Not in any way musical, and therefore a terrible way to start off this list. Sorry guys. I fucked it all up.
  2. Tom Waits- Glitter and Doom Live
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    Tom Waits is a dragon wearing human skin and this album is fucking fantastic. When I listen to Tom Waits I imagine a sewer monster belching toxic waste, and I mean that in a good way (the best way, even). However, this makes singing along with him with these meek, mortal vocal cords nearly impossible. I had to tap out about 5 words in. Sorry, Tommy. (Do people call you that?)
  3. Avenue Q- Original Cast Recording
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    "What???!" you scream angrily within my imagination, "Why so low?" Here's why: when you sing in the car, you're locking yourself in a box with your own voice. The last thing you want is to be confronted with how bad of a singer you actually are, and there's nothing more damning than trying to keep up with Broadway actors. Also, this was a burned copy my friend made for me back in 2005 when CDs just kind of turned out however they wanted. The tracks were all out of order. No thank you.
  4. CAKE- Fashion Nugget
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    This is the first of 3 CAKE albums on this list, but I'd say it's one of my least favorites. CAKE is a lot of fun to sing along to, largely because the bar for conventional musical ability is so low (see above). However, with the exception of The Distance and their cover of I Will Survive, there aren't a whole of fun songs to sing along with on this one.
  5. Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
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    Every time I listen to a Modest Mouse song, I feel like a code breaker trying to decipher and new line of text. I have no idea what Isaac Brock is saying most of the time, but sometimes making sounds that kind of sound like words is as much fun as singing actual words.
  6. Eminem- The Eminem Show
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    I'm also surprised this got as high as it did! I had never actually listened to this album all the way through until this trip- as a kid, I only ever listened to the 3 or 4 songs I knew. For the most part, I really liked it. And I was happy to discover that 13 years later the lyrics are still stuck in my head.
  7. CAKE- Motorcade of Generosity
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    Rock n' Roll Lifestyle. That's all I have to say.
  8. Barenaked Ladies- Stunt
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    As @originalamericantrt can attest, I know all of the words to One Week, and that alone puts this album in the Top 3. I also think the lead singer has a nice voice, so it's easy to mistake his voice for my own and pretend I sound way better than I do.
  9. CAKE- Comfort Eagle
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    This is the first CAKE album I ever bought, and I still think it's the best. I know just about every word to every song on this CD. And as I mentioned above, the bar for perfection (subjectively, at least) is the lowest you could ask for. If you can't make Short Skirt, Long Jacket sound AMAZING, it's time to take a vow of silence.
  10. Presidents of the United States of America (self-titled)
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    Holy shit. Imagine a CD where every song is Rock Lobster. Now stop imagining it and look at the name of this item again. Listening to this album again has fueled my karaoke selections for years and years to come. Every single song is the most fun song to sing to...until the next one comes on. If you haven't spent an hour destroying your vocal cords to this album, then it's time to get a driver's license, rent a car, and go on a LOOOOONG trip. And then tell me about it so I can come next time.