Jerry Seinfeld has had a quote floating around the Internet for a few years now, in which he advocates writers buying a giant wall calendar and putting a big X through each day they write. He says the point is "don't break the chain." I took his advice and made a few additions.
  1. This is my wall calendar
    I didn't want the one with lame fauxtivational cliches but I waited until June to finally buy a calendar and this was all they had left. I won't make this mistake twice.
  2. If I write, I get a purple Star of David.
    When @originalamericantreat asked me why it was a Star of David instead of a regular star I said "because 6 points seemed like a better value than 5!" Truly a Jewish sentiment.
  3. If I exercise, I get an orange cupcake.
    Because if I got a real cupcake every time I exercised then there would be no point.
  4. Since buying this calendar in June, my longest streak for writing is 29 days.
  5. My longest streak for exercise is 7.
  6. I've never tried switching the colors.
    Mostly because I don't want to ruin the ink pads.