1. I don't get C3PO. Someone designed a robot for logic and protocol, & then said "Also, let's make him real prissy!"
  2. This is the only guy named Darth who wears a cape that anyone sees as a leader.
  3. I appreciate the transparency the Empire showed in naming their battle station the DEATH STAR. No PC bullshit for these guys!
  4. Princess Leia is British in one scene?
  5. The CGI George Lucas added later is distracting and weird. My son thinks it's cool. He's dumb.
  6. Luke 100% jerked off to Leia before he found out they were siblings.
  7. Darth Vader named his kids Luke and Leia? So before he was evil he was "that guy".
  8. The Death Star has a spot where if you shoot it, the whole thing blows up. That's a Wicked Witch-leaving-a-bucket-of-water-right-next-to-her level oversight.
  9. Still pretty timeless. If not for the sideburns and wall-to-wall Donna Summer on the soundtrack you'd never know it was made in the 70s.