1. Claims she can't go back to being a receptionist, is willing to make Jim remain a paper salesman forever.
    Granted she "changes her mind" by the end of it, but we as the audience are supposed to agree with Pam here. Like "yeah Pam, don't let Jim make you cry!" When in reality, Pam is wildly unreasonable here.
  2. Tolerates long distance when she goes to art school, can't tolerate long distance when Jim lives in Philly.
    Granted they have children here, but as someone who was raised by a single mom I think Pam wasn't trying hard enough and should've taken one for the team.
  3. Willing to stifle the future of her kids?
    This woman was willing to stay in Scranton, make far less money, put her kids through a worse education, and live in a more homogenous town. All for what? To live within a few miles of Creed? So many of the characters on the Office leave by the end of it. What if Pam didn't decide to "let" Jim follow his dreams? Once again, we as the audience earn the real gratification from watching Jim realize "his family is the most important thing." If she stayed, she would've wrecked that family.
  4. Swears she can operate a phone, actually can't.
    This clown can't figure out how to record on a phone and missed one of the most precious moments of her child's life. What makes it all the worse, she handles phones for a living. Why not just own up to the fact that she didn't know how to do it? Shame on you, Pam.