5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

me, drunk most of the time.
  1. this is my friend nico. this picture was taken on an early sunday morning on our way home after partying all night long. we were still very drunk at this point but at the same time starting to feel hungover. just a normal sunday morning.
  2. this is my mother, believe it or not. smoking casually in a fancy hotel lobby. don't you dare tell her that smoking is bad!
  3. some of my best buds. dancing in the kitchen. drunk. because that is what we do every weekend: drink and dance to trap music. we rarely ever make it to the club, that's how cool we are!
  4. perfect moments never seem as perfect in photographs. this is one of those perfect moments. my brother, his girlfriend and I eating ice cream on a beach in galicia.
  5. this is my hairy arm. here I drunkenly had the genius idea for a tattoo and wanted to stilll remember it the next day.