5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

5 photos on my phone inspired by @john!
  1. A precious gift.... aesthetically beautiful and a deeply meaningful symbol of connections made possible because of @john, who unknowingly paves the way.
  2. Beautiful reminders of @john's triumphant return to recording and touring. Born and Raised
  3. Looking forward to sharing the Dead & Company MSG concerts with my partner in shenanigans and dear friend. Love the music; love @john and excited about his inclusion!
  4. Just being silly and showing off the guitar pick @john hit me with at the 12/16/13 Bridgeport concert at Webster Bank Arena! The closest I'll ever come to being hit on by John Mayer!
  5. @john and I are both heterosexual lovers of rainbows! 💙🌈💙
  6. Addition: today is @john's 38th birthday! I'm happy for the beautiful expressions of love and gratitude fans and supporters have shown John via social media world-wide. He's so deserving! Happy birthday, you lovely man! 💙 The image reads: "Do you feel all the love sent your way today, dearest @john? 10/16/15"