John Mayer Is My Favorite Badass

It all started with Elizabeth Gilbert's Instagram post today! Follow my logic here... It leads directly to my point - @john is the all-around quintessential badass - my favorite badass!
  1. Always and forever, @john; you are my favorite badass!
  2. @john your style is badass throughout its many evolutions! This is one of my many favorites! @johnmayer you're my favorite badass! #JohnMayer #YoureMyFavoriteBadAss #Visvim
  3. @john you have the most badass, beautiful wrists and badass beautiful watches and bracelets to adorn them!
  4. @john you are THE most badass creative with the most badass giggle which can only be heard in the video snippet you shared on Instagram! (@list will video snippets be an option in the future? Speaking of badass! That would be a badass feature!).
  5. @john you have the most badass Apple watch!
  6. @john you have the most badass ass! (Yes, it's mostly about your badass music... I'll get to that!)
  7. @john you have the most badass hair!
  8. @john you are the most badass virtuoso guitarist, especially when you play delicate, excruciatingly gorgeous riffs like this one on "Lost Sailor!" This fuzzy screenshot is from a video snippet taken on 12/28/15 (my birthday) someone kindly posted from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF. I saw you perform my fave Grateful Dead song on Periscope.
    @john playing the most glorious music with Dead and Company, my new favorite band, thanks to John and NOT to take away from his badass catalog of music and various bands, which I'll love forever!
  9. @john you have the most badass kind heart! Thank you for supporting Isaac, The McFadyens, The Isaac Foundation and bringing awareness to MPS! I've been supporting and advocating for MPS and all of Andrew McFadyen's causes for years because you led me to it! You ARE a good man with a good heart! I love Isaac and the MPS kids.