I'm having difficulty starting. So I'll start with a list from Facebook Notes written March 1, 2009 - albums I listened to extensively because they moved me deeply. Some still belong there, but the music of Dave Matthews, Jeff Campbell, Ed Sheeran and others also belong there. And @john's Born & Raised, Paradise Valley and Continuum belong too.
  1. On any given Sunday, my list could change because there are so many & my memory doesn't allow me to think of all of them at once. I put asterisks next to some albums...just wanted to
  2. 1 - The Police - Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings (no asterisks...this one's off the charts & there are no words to describe why this music is so important to me...my The Police buddies know)
  3. 2 - As Is...Live At The Blue Note - Avishai Cohen* (just when I needed a musical charge to shift my mood, a friend introduced me to this on DVD. Fortunately, there's a CD companion...I LOVE this music...it just moves me & I can't stop singing with it even though it's all instrumental.
  4. 3 - Nothing Like The Sun - Sting* (This album had a major, deep, life-long impact on me that's very personal...Sting's voice and words saved me.)
  5. 4 - Any Given Thursday - @john Live in Burmingham***** (If I tried to put into words why this album gets 5 *s, it would sound like "My Stupid Mouth," Mimi's version...so I won't "try.")
  6. 5 - Bookends - Simon & Garfunkle* - (The music in this album is so gorgeous, moving, emotional, timeless, perfect...Old Friends makes me cry just as it did when I was a young 20 something year old.)
  7. 6 - Magazine - Rickie Lee Jones - The sounds she makes are mezmerizing...I love this album
  8. 7 - Promise & Stronger Than Pride - (a toss up) - Sade (If I could sing like another artist, it would be a toss up between RLJ & Sade - two opposite sounds & styles & yet to me, similar in their appeal.)
  9. 8 - Small Change - Tom Waits* - (Actually, any of his albums from the 70s are must haves...what a unique sound...love it!)
  10. 9 - Letter From Home - Pat Metheny - (Beautiful in it's uniqueness as well...PM's sound lifts me up.)
  11. 10 - At The Penthouse - Ahmad Jamal* (My passion for jazz started with Ahmad Jamal in the 60s & I have the fondest memories of sharing Ahmad Jamal concerts with my friend Marilyn who understood & shared my passion.)
  12. 11 - Wind On The Water - Crosby & Nash*** (I don't know what to say about this...exquisite, just exquisite.)
  13. 11 - Where The Light Is - John Mayer - double album recorded live in LA* (@john is brilliant...he knew we'd feel like we died & went to heaven if he did acoustic, JM Trio & his band all in one night...and he was right.)
  14. 12 - Dream of The Blue Turtles - Sting* (Sting's amazing first solo album...it's a masterpiece.)
  15. 13 - Silver Morning - Kenny Rankin ** (This man has an exquisite voice...can't understand why he didn't make it REALLY big. I have such fond memories sharing intimate KR gigs with my dear friend Betty several times & once with Amy & Bob [daughter and son-in-law] when they were still in college.)
  16. 14 - Unplugged - Eric Clapton (was going to include a double LP from the 80s - Live At Budokan..can't find it) - And what can I say - Eric Clapton is God...and an elegant one at that!
  17. 15 - My Favorite Things - John Coltrane - (The first time I heard JC play the title song, I was driving to meet someone...I had to pull into a parking lot so I could REALLY listen...15 minutes later, the song ended! Amazing!)
  18. 16 - Goucho - Steely Dan - can't help it...gotta include this