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There are so many podcasts... but what makes a good one? This is an unranked list of the best for entertainment and value.
  1. Freedom Fast Lane w/ Ryan Daniel Moran
    Learning to make money (real, adult money) on Amazon, turns into an MBA level education on how to think long term about building and positioning a true business. Do not miss the episodes where they broadcast summit/event coverage. Worth the time and energy to invest into this one.
  2. The Side Hustle Show: Featuring Nick Loper
    Nick Loper, author of Buy Buttons, interviews average Joe types who make money on the side in many interesting and often unconventional ways. Get inspired by creative ideas on how to generate additional income in your spare time.
  3. Google Partners
    There's a little bias in this one, and admittedly it's basically talking shop for digital advertising and search agencies, but the value of learning business hacks is invaluable. There is an amazing amount of wisdom in this short/ newer series. If you market in anyway, this is worth your time.
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A collection of Medium articles that I liked.
  1. The One Thing Nobody Ever Told You About Personal Branding
  2. The One Fatal Mistake That's Tanking Your Presentations
Show Me The Money... or I'm Out (ongoing list)
  1. PopUp Play
    $99 + $10 S&H (people who can sell $300K+ in cardboard is interesting, even if they are a "software" company). I'm listening... We just decided we're B2B, not B2C. My patience is being tried. I like that TechStars is a partner... Sacca is asking good questions. My interest is back. $4.17M valuation is TOO DAMN HIGH! Sacca took it, I'm a little gun shy on this one. I'M OUT.
  2. Getaway (Tiny Houses)
    $500K for 5%. Kevin will not like that. So far it's AirBNB for tiny houses. Leased land... don't love that. Site manager onsite (nearby), good for business. Only 10 cabins?!? Already raised $10M. Barbara is not buying the flattering lies. Sharks are unearthing the facts that there are too many cooks in the kitchen. I like the idea, but not the execution on this (plus AirBNB & VRBO, #amiright?). I'M OUT!
  3. The Kooler
    Russian nesting dolls... but for drinks. Dude has $120K worth of them (distribution and online). The "White Rhino" is actually a 3X entrepreneur. Offer from Damond. Dude just consulted his biceps. I'm OUT.
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Joined new social media channels this year to see what the ecosystems looked like.
  1. Instagram
    This is by no means a "new" platform, but it was a new one for me to study. The hashtags are incredibly useful to find a relevant audience. Partnering with other accounts is a powerful way to leverage this medium.
  2. Snapchat
    Snapchat is one of the younger platforms (although not as young as one might assume if you looked up its launch date). Often thought of as the platform for kids or (ironically enough) a platform for disappearing, NSFW selfies... in 2016 found an influx of marketers, celebrities, thought leaders, and businesses. Snapchat is an excellent tool for networking and posting authentic content.
  3. Anchor
    Anchor is a short form, audio based platform. I might describe it to non-member as micro podcasting or Twitter in audio. This is a great medium for creative types. Waves tend to feel intimate and raw in very a real, authentic way. Very close community on Anchor and worth a look if you've never heard (no pun intended, but kind of glad it happened) of it.
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Wishlist of potential interviewees for Minimum Viable Media (BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  1. Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. Grant Cardone
  3. Mark Cuban
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