Podcasts That Are Worth A Damn

There are so many podcasts... but what makes a good one? This is an unranked list of the best for entertainment and value.
  1. Freedom Fast Lane w/ Ryan Daniel Moran
    Learning to make money (real, adult money) on Amazon, turns into an MBA level education on how to think long term about building and positioning a true business. Do not miss the episodes where they broadcast summit/event coverage. Worth the time and energy to invest into this one.
  2. The Side Hustle Show: Featuring Nick Loper
    Nick Loper, author of Buy Buttons, interviews average Joe types who make money on the side in many interesting and often unconventional ways. Get inspired by creative ideas on how to generate additional income in your spare time.
  3. Google Partners
    There's a little bias in this one, and admittedly it's basically talking shop for digital advertising and search agencies, but the value of learning business hacks is invaluable. There is an amazing amount of wisdom in this short/ newer series. If you market in anyway, this is worth your time.
  4. Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas
    A master course in consistency. Updates with episodes daily. Guests are always great. Very thematic ("get ready to ignite" and "Fire Nation"), but always excellent content. This is one that should be at the top of any list.
  5. The Venture
    Look who it's brought to you by... that SHOULD be all that you need to know. If it's not, let's just say that this is a podcast that hyper-professionally produced and has an insane guest list. This is the gold mine of business podcasts, be sure binge on this one.