1. Convenience
  2. Piece of mind
  3. Empty bladder
  4. Never ending supply of toilet paper
  5. Sobriety
  6. A pair of jeans that fit perfectly
    And don't change drastically each time you wash em
  7. Knowing that those perfect jeans are remade each season so you can eventually re-buy them once they fall to shreds
  8. love
  9. A camel back I am not judged for wearing so I can constantly drink water and never be thirsty
    If for some reason I am ever a guest on Ellen, she will give me a bedazzled camelback
  10. Friendship
  11. A gas tank that magically refills itself
  12. Finishing a project and being proud of it
  13. The plans cancel on you so you don't have to cancel the plans
    I wanta stay home in my sheet-fort.
  14. Hard work paying off
    This is probably the best one.
  15. The plans you are excited for and care about actually happen seamlessly
  16. Diamonds I guess would also be kool