A very thirsty rhyming request. (I think rhymes work best read out loud)
  1. Dear @dev and @bjnovak
  2. A time will soon come, when this app will expand, to all different humans, all over the land.
  3. Celebs will of course, be verified, a privilege us normals will for sure be denied
  4. It might be a blue check, but I suggest pink, this is where @keonovak I'll link
  5. For I am certain, with me she'll agree and for that matter, I think so will @Z
  6. Some of us have been on here since day one and I think we deserve the verified fun
  7. So perhaps thinks of us when the checks are assigned, it will be out on our lists that you two have dined
  8. To the rest of the world our names are unheard, but here on listapp, our presence preferred.
  9. Thank you. Xo