This is my thing now. I guess
  1. Meredith being fucking on point in the opening scene. She's a good secretary.
  2. That asshole, Dennis, telling Joan he "thought she'd be fun" to have at Mcann. She kept it together, but so tragic. She's come so far, but will it be for naught?
  3. Shirley quitting because "advertising isn't a comfortable place for everyone" Mcann is not SCDP guys.
  4. Don and Joan's moment in the elevator. He cares about her. A little flirty, cause they can't help themselves. But platonic admiration for each other that I love so much.
    Remember when he told her not to indecent proposal for Jaguar.
  5. Don misses his family. He even misses Birdie.
  6. Roger and Peggy getting drunk together. Peggy on roller skates.
  7. Roger did the best he could, but Joan can't settle for this shit anymore.
  8. Ghost of Burt Cooper telling Don he "loves to play the stranger" and shouldn't go to Wisconsin. Don knows what's right!
  9. Peggy walking into dat office like she owns it wearing sunglasses and smoking a cig.
  10. Don picking up a hitchhiker because he don't know where he going and he down for a detour with some company.
  11. Special shout out to the "next time on mad men," which was actually a drop more revealing than usual. Like we saw there was a whole scene about Betty brushing her hair.