From practical standpoints I thought all these relationships were possible. And all these guys will be on this app soon.
  1. Emile Hirsch
    After The Girl Next Door coming into Lords of Dogtown. He was mainstream yet indie like me!! On the view they once said "he was the next leo dicaprio." Also, Jewish I think.
  2. Jason Segal
    Freaks and Geeks. Total Jew. More than possible
  3. Robert Pattinson
    I watched a lot of interviews with him and thought we would connect. This was more recent then I'd like to admit
  4. Adam Brody
  5. 90's Chris Eigeman: if the timelines had worked out better.
    There is a sort of fear that we would be too talkey of a couple for our own good, but maybe I could relax for once and let him do all the talking.
  6. Mathew Perry