Full disclosure I am basically too controlled to drunk text and have done it like twice, but the following seem cool:
  1. "Sup playa. R u out lol?"
  2. "➖"
  3. "Honestly, I'm bored. Want to hang? Don't read into this. I am not obsessed with you"
  4. "💯😘💏💩"
  5. ?
  6. "Hi"
  7. "I hate my friends and the world so i am texting you."
  8. "I could be dtf, but I don't have to be. Are you? Honestly feeling meh"
  9. "It's either you or sautéed kale bro"
  10. 🍌
  11. 🍆
  12. 🌽
  13. "I have tons of other suitors but I don't want them to see me in these pajamas and I don't care about you. Down? X"
  14. "Who's number is this?"
  15. "Was just self-harming if you want to swing by."
  16. "Wanta do stuff to me while I read short stories?"
  17. "I WANT you to come over. The Internet is down and I need help."