1. Ordering a martini with ten to fifteen onions and olives
  2. Ordering a Caesar salad with double dressing
  3. Being Maggie Smith
  4. Wearing sweat pants to a castle
  5. Giving a shit about important issues and not just for show. Really caring
  6. Having a lot of chill
  7. Being nice
  8. Cereal that is good for you, but also yummy. Ex: Barbara's Puffins Peanut Butter flavor
  9. People who need to use A LOT of tabasco sauce in order to taste it
  10. Marlon Brando
  11. Being real about the fact that you enjoyed SERIAL despite the backlash
  12. Having killer snacks when guests come over
  13. Directions you can easily follow
  14. Being tipsy but not wasted
  15. Havin' fun
  16. Good French kissin
  17. Smoking pirouette cookies like they're cigarettes
  18. Drinking soup directly from a bowl on a date