French bistros are my favorite thing in the world. This is not necessarily a list of the best French restaurants out here, but the most fun!
  1. 1. Trois Mec
    I have not been here because I am a meek child of no means or connections, but I assume it is the best and coolest one.
  2. 2. Petite Trois
    Baby version of Trois and my favorite place in Los Angeles. It makes me not hate myself for living here over New York because it is so perfect and chic. The bread is glorious; they must bring in water from elsewhere. You will have to stand and wait, but get a drink from the bartender and chat with him (in French.) Go with a friend who will get Escargot.
  3. 3. Cafe Stella
    Mais, the most romantic place on earth. A date here is the absolute dream. I have been meaning to go sit in the bar and read a book until I fall in love with someone, also for my own personal enjoyment. Silverlake perfection. Wonderful food and you forget for a second you're in sunset junction next to Intelligentsia. Pricey, but worth it.
  4. 4.Zinque (Venice)
    West Hollywood is fine, but don't bother, in my opinion. Sit here all day with a friend and work. Start with a salad and slowly progress into pastries and wine. All the waiters are French and hot.
  5. 5. Figaro
    Vermont ave classic, but I am surprised how much I like each time.
  6. 6. La Poubelle
    You know, it's good. Best option for being an adult when you seeing UCB show.