1. Not beating up on myself. Being nice to myself.
    It's okay if I miss the gym. It's okay if I didn't get as much writing done as I wanted. Life goes on and I am not a monster.
  2. Not having to finish a book before I start the next one.
    I start a book that I feel I "have" to read. I hate it. Then I get stuck reading like one page a day of something awful.
  3. Being okay putting myself out there on this app
    Not asking people if "this list is okay." It's starting to get like one giant group therapy session on this thing, with intermittent restaurant recs. It's cool to be emo and have feelings on here. I site @zoe as my inspiration and thank her for starting this I think.
  4. Bringing a giant bag of clothes to Wasteland to sell.
    Call me for brilliant tight ten on going to Wasteland. Broad City doing this bit on last week's episode sort of ruined my life.
  5. Turning my phone off for two hours a day?
    I am up to one hour.
  6. Not dwelling on idiot men/ boys who really don't deserve my attention and who are lucky to have ever met me.
    Do you know who I am? Someone. I'm fucking someone.
  7. Long term project: reading all the books that you should read before you get too old.
    Like if you read Catcher in the Rye at 14, it's lost on you. So you know lots of Brett Easton Ellis that I might have missed.
  8. Not buying everything I want.
    Prolly won't be able to stop this.
  9. Being cool with the fact that this list is not funny at all.
  10. Not washing hair everyday
    I'm entitled to that natural shine!!
  11. Never running out of toilet paper.
  12. Not tanning even though it's 100 degrees out.
    I want to be an ageless goddess forever. I already cheated one day.
  13. Not waking up feeling terrible guilt after drink
    It's okay to go out. I'm still young-ish!
  14. Doing things even when they make me extremely nervous
    Forcing myself. Forcing friends to force me.