When will it end? This is not about an isolated incident, nor is it about every incident.
  1. Saturday morning: wakes up, texts friends "that was actually a very good date." Thinks world is okay place. Feels hot as hell. Thinks, "boys are lucky to kiss me!"
  2. Sunday: still feels like regular person. Riding the good mood, looking to have brunch and chill out. Be social etc. things will work out in the end.
  3. Monday: hasn't heard from him, but it doesn't matter. Although, if she doesn't hear from him, she's gonna say something. It'll be chill tho.
    Has feeling she's not hearing and all the narratives she writes in her head are true because she is a genius.
  4. Tuesday: listen normally, she never reaches out, but this time she owes it to herself. Closure is more important than appearing lame. Vulnerability is part of life. He has till tomorrow. Although she has an idea of a good thing to say if she doesn't hear.
    Texts supportive friend, who writes "I hate him Get rid of him NOW! You deserve more."
  5. Wednesday morning: if she doesn't hear from him today. She'll call it. Relationship is on life support. He's a man-child anyway.
  6. Wednesday afternoon: fuck him. She's calling it. Relationship time of death: Wednesday, 4:18 pm.
  7. Thursday: G-chats friend that she "doesn't care, but honestly fuck him." Friend tells her she's "overreacting, wait till weekend." She's secretly happy to put relationship back on life support. It's not so much him. Freaking out is proxy for more important problems. Responds to g-chat: "yeah you're right." Reiterates that, " she doesn't care."
  8. Friday: friend admits, "now it's over, and asks if she's read that NYTimes oped about how Caitlyn Jenner is moving feminist movement backwards." Fuck, she will, but also... Relationship time of death: Friday, 10:16 am.
  9. Friday night: over dinner. Different (well adjusted) friend says, "wait why don't you just text?"she mulls it over.
  10. Saturday: doesn't care. Too much to do.
    Writes this list; fears she's kinda basic. 😁
  11. Saturday night: hears....