Listapp enables my sentimentality. It's a disaster. Also, this list is very white. I know. I'm sorry.
  1. Practicing Shakespeare with him
    Starting in sixth grade at my school, we'd read one Shakespeare play a year and we're required to perform a monologue for the class. I would practice performing with my dad. He wouldn't let me go to sleep until I was perfect. (Also, we were both just having fun) I started auditioning for all the Shakespeare plays at school and eventually won a Shakespearean monologue contest in the state of NY. My dad coached me.
  2. Skiing
    Oh man. I slept through my first day of ski school at six years old because I was afraid. I spent the entire day with my skis in a pizza, between my dad's legs. I remember seeing great skiers and thinking, "how will I get there!" I did. I proceeded to go on skiing weekends alone with my dad all through my growing up. Now his knees are bad and I live in California. I look back on these times fondly.
  3. Serious talks
    He was the only one I felt comfortable telling how sad I was at certain points in college when I was truly depressed and lonely. I remember he said "everyone remotely intelligent feels real sadness and existential anxiety at some point in their lives." He did add "don't you have friends to talk about this with?" So it's not all that sweet. Also once during adolescence I woke up crying in the middle of the night that I didn't want to grow up. He read me Rudyard Kipling's "If" and I went to bed.
  4. Going to the theater
    No real explanation needed. I love going to the theater with him. There's no one I enjoy discussing plays with more.
  5. Discussing Mad Men
    I try and make him have serious chats about Mad Men. He says "I don't care about TV as much as you do."
  6. Receiving emails from him about books I should read/ should have already read.
    Well I love this, but it also makes me feel extremely inadequate.
  7. Him editing my papers in high school.
    I don't know that I loved this. It caused me a lot of pain. Red marks galore. (Woe is me, I know) but I feel it should be on here nonetheless.
  8. Picking movies/tv for his Netflix Queue
    Was just doing this right now and it was fun. It inspired the list. He said my movies and TV ruin the "recommendations for Russell." I say I'm opening his eyes.
  9. My dad is older than most dads of kids my age, and therefore maybe wiser? I love him for it.
  10. (I should mention I'm home visiting this week hence all the parental listing. I do not live with my parents. I am normal)