1. Friend who is experiencing the same kind of or similar relationship problems as you.
    Who's problems are whose? It's unclear. Let's feel our feelings together and never leave each other's side.
  2. Work friend who is experiencing the same kind of professional anxieties as you.
    Let's vent forever and never get anything done!
  3. Either or both of your parents, if the option is available.
    Can be done over the phone! Very healthy. A great option!
  4. A sibling.
    This genuinely does seem like the healthiest option and good)
  5. Batista you buy coffee from every morning.
    I aim for this.
  6. Person you just started dating.
    Are you fucking crazy? Reign it in for a few weeks, you lunatic.
  7. Trendy salesperson at cool store.
    Do this! Especially if you want to end up in credit card debt. This may just be faux-dependence on their part so they can make a commission, but hey! Try anything once. You don't want to feel alone!
  8. Bored human who will listen to you.
    Yeah, stop this. Not nice.
  9. Ed Sherran
    He'll get it.
  10. Person you don't know all that well, but are very infatuated with.
    Keep doing this. This is great for you! Really! ❤️❤️😎😎😎 Keep on texting!
  11. A Twitter bot.
  12. Famous person you don't know.
    Co-dependence in the abstract is really good. Not to mention: your priorities are in order.
  13. A dog.
    Probably the best option if you can afford doggy day care. You're basically independent since dogs can't really overlap feelings, unless you're a dog whisperer... In which case I don't believe you.
  14. No one. Just you. Feeling, what you actually feel. 😁