I love a good google
  1. Joy Mangano
    The Joy on whom the David O. Russell movie Joy is based. Hella interesting. Hit up the vanity fair article on history v Hollywood.
  2. Dr. Michael Burry
    Played by Christian Bale in The Big Short. Only character whose real name is kept. Leads to much more material about how today's market is gonna collapse. A fantastic Google.
  3. Steve Eisman
    On whom Steve Carrell's character in The Big Short is based. I learned things reading about this guy. I suggest it.
  4. Greg Lippmann
    On whom Ryan Gossling's character is based in The Big Short. (his name in the movie is Jared Vennett, which is good because I don't buy Gossling as a Jew)
  5. Hugh Glass
    He's The Revenant. Top notch wiki right here.
  6. James B. Donovan
    Tom Hanks plays him in Bridge of Spies. (It's a great year for movies for Dads!)
  7. Lilli Elbe
    Well, The Danish Girl, of course
  8. Patricia Highsmith
    Sort of a cheat because she is not in Carol, but she is the writer of the novel Carol, and a very good Google. Sure you may have googled her in the past, when you re-watched The Talented Mr. Ripley, but there's nothing wrong with a re-Google!
  9. Just for fun: google some English actors to see how fancy they are! Bonus points if their parents were in parliament or if they went to Oxford.