1. "This stays between us"
  2. "You didn't hear it from me"
  3. "Honestly, you cannot tell anyone"
  4. "Can you keep a secret?"
  5. "If anyone asks, you didn't get this script from me, but tell me what you think."
    LA edition
  6. "I know we've only just met, but can you keep something to yourself?"
    First date edition
  7. "Oh my god. You're gonna die. I'm literally dying"
  8. "I'm sorry to burden you, but I HAVE to tell someone this"
  9. "Do I even want to know?"
  10. "I'll get it out of you!"
  11. "You have to tell me! I tell you everything!"
  12. "Who would I even tell?"
  13. "You told him! Fuck you!"
  14. "Okay I told too!"
  15. "Who cares? Everyone was bound to find out right"
  16. "I mean they'll never trace it back to me right?"
  17. "That's old news."
  18. "What's the new goss?"