Hey, don't do this stuff!
  1. Tell them they were your 3rd choice pick to bring to a party
  2. Say their outfit "isn't your favorite"
  3. Respond "hi" to a really enthusiastic enigmatic text
    If they write "I miss you," "hi" will break their heart!
  4. Ask them about current events you're sure they won't be aware have occurred
  5. Say you "love" their enemy. Don't acknowledge that you know this person is their enemy.
    Talk about their enemy's work with real conviction. Damn "your enemy is doing such great stuff."
  6. Generally ignore them
  7. While talking to them at a party, look around the room for someone better to chat with
  8. Let them see as you passive aggressively X out of your G-chat convo without responding to their last message
    Best done at work!
  9. Tell them they were your fifth choice pick to bring to a party
  10. Don't thank them for a gift
  11. Instagram a photo of yourself with a group of people they definitely know and should be a part of
  12. Mention books you know they haven't read and imply that anyone who hasn't read them is a complete moron.
    Movies work too. Books are more powerful tho.
  13. Retweet their tweet and then delete an hour late, after you've had some time to sit with it.
  14. K, this should do the trick!
    Hurt my own feelings writing this list. It's proven to work.