1. Metaphorical grey area.
    Allowing yourself to know there really is no black and white. Everything is in between. This is hard for me. I work on it.
  2. The color grey.
    I wear a lot of black, so this is a great option to lighten things up.
  3. Elliot Grey
    Brother of Christian Grey in seminal novel by E.L. James. He is ranked above Christian because he does not have sexual issues or intimacy hang ups. He is still super handsome and rich and a great catch. He says hot things like"laters baby."
  4. Christian Grey
    Eponymous protagonist of Fifty Shades of Grey as played by Jamie Dornan. Listen, it's crazy, but I love it so much. It's not even basic; it's just full ludicrous. I even love Jamie's Irish accent.
  5. Zack Gray
    English spelling, but I think fine. Friend I have known since kindergarten. In 3rd grade, we missed recess every day because we got in trouble for talking. Zack has grown up to be one of smartest people I know.
  6. Gray's Papaya
    Great hot dogs. Yum juices. Childhood memories. New York staple. @hillary and I used to sneak them into movies. During Forces of Nature, I finished a hot dog in the first minute of the first preview. She took the ENTIRE movie to eat it.
  7. Grey Advertising
    As referenced in Mad Men. (I bring Mad Men in whenever I can.) And I like the fun treatment of Jews at that time: Pete Campbell and Duck Philips at a bar "I'll just have a nosh" Pete: "a month at Grey and you're already having a nosh."
  8. Grey's Anatomy
    The pilot and the first few seasons brought me such joy on Sunday nights. I haven't watched in years, but it was the only show I ever watched religiously with my mother. Meredith is not on this list because I find her whiney and cantankerous. I love Christina so much. Sandra Oh is wonderful.
  9. Grey hoodie from American Apparel.
    A fine thing to wear, especially for boys. I got rid of mine the other day. It reminds me too much of when I was in a sorority and sad and hated it.
  10. Dorian Gray
    This Gray should be number 3, but he was added late and I don't know how to add mid list. I remember reading this as a young one and understanding so much about superficiality and myself.