Will there ever be a solution? Is there a secret Switzerland place where all the cool people from silver-lake and Venice meet?
  1. Father's Office - Culver City?
    This isn't cool though. I feel like I am at a USC tailgate here. This is not my vibe. I'd rather trek myself over to ol' abbot kins
  2. Other culver places: Bottle Rocket (wine bar), public school (beer), culver hotel (cocktails)?
    Suggested by @RachelP
  3. Tucked inside Hatchet Hall is Old Man Bar. A little grampa, a little gangsta. Open late. Try the Nawgroni and late night low-country shrimp boil.
    Suggested by @LAmag
  4. Oldfields, Bigfoot west, mandrake bar
    Suggested by @Z