Part of my New York self has died in writing this list.
  1. If you live in LA, do yourself a favor and go to Nichelle's class at Cyclehouse
    Or her brother Aaron's class. Before Cyclehouse, I hated and mocked spinning. Nichelle's class is the hardest and most fun work out I have ever done. She's helped my hip hop game almost as much as my fitness. I'm borderline cool now. She stops songs at certain points and makes the riders scream the lyrics. It's like a cool fun aerobic concert.
  2. Commit to being there
    If you go being like, "it's enough that I'm even here," you will get nothing out of it. I see girls go talking about "how they're so hungover and slept only two hours," and they work harder than you can imagine. I know it's hard, but If you bother arriving do your best. When I go and say "ugh, this is the worst," it will be the worst
  3. Listen to the inspirational things the teacher says
    "Who you are in this room is who you are outside. If you cheat in here, you'll cheat out there." "I know you're strong. You have to know it." Just give in. I've cried in class. Whatever.
  4. Yell and scream, woohoo!!
    I basically had no friends at camp because I couldn't woohoo. I can! I was just trying it for the wrong people. If you "woohoo," people will yes and your woohooos and you'll increase the energy in the room. You'll help your neighbor. Yes, I care about helping my neighbor.
  5. Wear fun work out clothes
    If you have something you're exited to wear, it makes going to class easier. Spin class is expensive enough, so don't think you have to go to Lululemon. You can find plenty of neon colored leggings at target and elsewhere. Be creative.
  6. Get a good sports bra
    So you can take off your shirt if you need to.
  7. Get this list request so you have to think about it during class.
  8. Think about sex.
    It helps if you're out of it.
  9. Stretch (now on to physical components)
    You will break your joints if you don't.
  10. Don't go everyday
    I used to do this, but I stopped. You're better if you go every other day. Everyday is insane and you will hurt yourself. Some people go like nine times a week. Too much. They are whack. Alternate with strength training.
  11. Don't cheat on resistance
    It's hard, but you will get better and better. And you'll feel best about yourself if you're honest.
  12. Get a heart rate monitor
    It helps to keep track of your progress.
  13. Dudes, go! Plenty of cool guys there.