I love them in a sort of Warholian way, but love them nonetheless. Disclaimer: haven't watched show for years. I imagine some people on here are friendly with them. This is all in fun jest.
  1. Bruce J
  2. Kendall
    So beautiful and fun I don't know what to do. Wanta chill and be free with her and Cara D.
  3. North West
    So cute we gotta love her
  4. Khloe
    Obviously the one I'd most likely be friends with.
  5. Kimk
    Truly think she is incredibly chic. That Balmain campaign changed everything.
  6. Kourtney
    Listen, putting Kourt below Kim is tough. Do I think I could have a more normal conversation with Kourt: of course, but Kim stands for something in our culture. Is it something good? No. But it's bizarre, and intriguing.
  7. Scott Disick
    Guys, Scott is funny. He's the voice of reason .
  8. Rob K
    I pray for him and his sock company.
  9. Mason Disick
    A kid
  10. Penelope Scotland Disick
    Another kid
  11. Reign Aston Disick
    3rd kid. These kids all tie for tenth place.
  12. Kylie
    I feel like she's going through something. Maybe she and Rob can be there for each other. No more lip collagen baby!!!
  13. Kris
    Only this low because of the trauma she's caused her kids, but ask yourself if Kris Kardashian Jenner Future Something has Leaned In? The answer is yes.
  14. Brandon
    The only other brother of Brody you need to know. Wears a man-bun. Bruce referred to him as the "Grandi of the family" and for that reason alone he should be ranked just slightly higher than Brody, in my opinion.
    Suggested by @stamos
  15. Brody
    In a very early episode, he and Frankie Delgado videotaped the twins dancing around a stripper pole. Despicable.
  16. I can't rank Kanye on this list for obvious Kanye reasons.
    Everyone go HAM. Happy Tuesday night.
  17. Honorable mention to Malika, Khloe's best friend and Adrienne Bailon, The Cheeta Girl, who broke Rob's heart.
  18. Honorable mention to Brody's other brothers about whom I don't know enough to rank.
  19. How much would Andy Warhol have loved The Kardashians?
    He woulda loved Kanye too. Woulda loved the union