Thoughts I've had, but nooooooooo way
  1. List app celebrities
    People who are celebrities, but only on this app. Too much commentary, nobody cares. (But we all we discuss in private, obvi)
  2. Things my sister told me when I was too young to hear them
    Poor me! No,no, I'm just saving the material.
  3. Men/ boys I've bedded
    Are you insane? Not on brand. Don't make this list, guys. Only make this list if you are Old Hollywood as hell.
  4. Dogs I've bedded
    On brand, but haven't bedded any dogs yet!
  5. Dating advice from my mom
    Cn't share my secrets. Also, it's all terrible and don't want to fuck you guys up. I care!!!
  6. People I secretly hope don't get on here anytime soon!
    No, jk! I love everyone! 😁😳😜