A follow up to my previous list "excuses to not to wear this dress to a wedding." This is the most narcissistic activity on earth. @stamos pls enjoy
  1. Looking cool with my sister in the boudoir
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  2. With my dad and my sister, trying to be cute
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    I took all the crinoline out of my dress and nobody knew!
  3. With my date
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    I was literally seated next to a baby as my plus one. It was kinda dope. I fed him.
  4. After my date and I had a fight
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  5. Here, with my sister, tryna be normal, but being too drunk to look at the camera
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  6. With my friend, I mostly hung out with kids my own age
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  7. Part 2 with dad, but tryna look better than the first time. Doin' some thing with my hip.
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  8. End of the night selfie, tryna be sexy and shit, but dress is basically broken
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  9. In the boudoir, before the wedding, everyone complained that the top of my dress was too big. I think it made me look skinny and amazing. The maid of honors' mother sowed it to my body. Looked better b4.
  10. PS we had to get French manicures
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  11. I cried at the wedding, but not during the ceremony and for reasons having nothing to do with the new marriage.
    Call me for deets.
  12. Despite everything, I'm still me. 🙋🏼
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    And I'm brave enough to put this photo here.
  13. Anyhow, I wore the dress because when push comes to shove, I'm basically a good person.
  14. Did you think this list was important?
    Thanks for reading