I was a Mean Girl up until 6th grade.
  1. 1st grade: "You're not my best friend anymore"
    Told Kaitlin she wasn't my best friend anymore because Ali was my best friend because Ali was cooler.
  2. 5th grade "I'm sorry you can't come over. There are already too many people here"
    Party on a snow day at my house! Jessica called and asked if she could come.
  3. 4th grade: Told boys when a girl in my grade got her period. She was the first one.
    I wanted their attention! This seemed like a cool way to be like "hay, I'm a guys' girl!"
  4. 3rd grade: refused to invite the two girls in my class whom I deemed "uncool" to my birthday party.
    I literally had to have a conference with my teacher about it, but hey at least I held my ground.
  5. 5th grade: Aol instant messaged a boy from a friend's screen name. Told him sexual things. Asked him to rank our friends in terms of hotness! You know normal stuff!
    I had a partner in this and she didn't fess up and I got all the blame!
  6. Always: Wouldn't let my friends leave play dates until they performed my plays correctly for my parents.
  7. Don't worry I got my pay back!
  8. New York City is a great place to raise kids.