Nobody wanted to be "a Miranda,"but she's actually the best to be. This has nothing to do with my name. Inspired by/ an answer to @Z
  1. She was a partner at an NYC law firm, and seemed to love, or at least, really care about her job
    Hard work, but dope.
  2. She went to Harvard Law School
  3. She loved her husband Steve.
    I mean I wouldn't have chosen him, but love is dope.
  4. Steve cheated on her.
    Not dope, but it was really just a plot device for the movie so not sure if it counts. Also they got back together and she loved him.
  5. Owned a Brownstone in Brooklyn.
    Come on, dope. Wood burning fire place. Dope.
  6. She had a baby.
  7. She had a Magda.
  8. Dare I say: she almost "had it all"
  9. She at least had a full life.
    A family + a job = dope
  10. She ate so much takeout Chinese food and never got fat/sick/nearly dead
    DOPE. How could ones bosh tolerate these regular sodium levels otherwise?!
    Suggested by @carlyewisel
  11. Greatest Moment: She ate a piece of cake out of the garbage.
    Suggested by @gggenevieveee
  12. This look
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    Suggested by @goatcheese