Please add! Lets commiserate and then change!
  1. "What u doin?"
    Use a verb! I cannot speak to you if you do not use a verb.
  2. "Who else is coming?"
    Obviously we all want to ask this question, all the time, always, but we should do our bests not to. It's not nice. Just go, and if it's not fun, leave
  3. "I'm such a monster, but I'm soooooo tired. Can we rain check?"
    Depending on your mood, and more often than not, this can be the best text ever. Maybe we should all call to cancel so we can be less cliche? The cliche is the bad part.
  4. "Huuuuuuuuuuge favor to ask"
    If it weren't annoying you'd just come out with it. The anticipation is terrible.
  5. "Can you send me the pictures from last night or are you going to post?"
  6. An emoji explanation of a story that's already been told!
    Unless it's brilliant, but it's okay for the convo to be over when it's over.
  7. "Sorry wrong text"
  8. "Just saw this. Sry"
    I mean it's possible, but supes unlikely
  9. "Ugh traffic"
    There is always traffic. You knew this.
    Suggested by @bjnovak