Not including books. I'll save that for a thesis. This has nothing to do with accurate versions of NYC in film; it's just about kids born there.
  1. Metropolitan
    I mean no one gets it like Whit. This of course shows the WASP life, which I did not live, but the views expressed still overlap. There's a part where the main group makes a new friend and sees him get on the crosstown bus. Chris Eigeman says, "I do believe there is a west sider among us." I also love just how much his character cares about a proper winter coat. They go to JG Melons, which is forever the late night hub of upper east side kids. This movie is spot on, plus romance. I love it so.
  2. Donna Stern in Obvious Child
    She always refers to herself as a "city kid." I like how she goes back and fourth from her parents' houses constantly. City kids who stay in the city usually never REALLY move out. There's a moment where Donna knows she needs to see her mom and she's in a cab on the Brooklyn Bridge. She tells the driver "back to Manhattan please!"
  3. Tiny Furniture
    Before I moved to LA, I lived in NY at home for a year. I think when you come back it's easy to forget who you were in college and become your NYC self again. I struggled with it. Aura and Charlotte lived that downtown city kid life hard. It was the life I watched on Facebook from all the way uptown in high school. I wanted it desperately. Poor me!
  4. Tart
    Not totally accurate. There was some stuff with gay prostitution that I certainly never encountered. There was also young Mischa Barton with a fake English accent and always had a girl like that around. What I did like was the juxtaposition of extremely wealthy families with that of normal living and paying rent families. At one point, Bijou Philips gets kicked out of girls school and has to go to Riverdale, "BUT THAT'S FOR JEWISH PEOPLE," says Lacey Chabert.
  5. The Squid and The whale
    Before my time, but certainly accurate portrayal of the academic's offspring in NYC.
  6. Sally Draper
    Of course, I didn't live this so I can't be sure, but her issues and budding self possession scream NYC kid to me. Today, she's a pillar of New York Society but hates it. She contributes to publications a la Joan Didion every now and then, but keeps to her house in Amagansett.
  7. The Nanny
    Grace Sheffield had all these great obsessive compulsive tendencies that she spoke of with such understanding. It was evidence of young kid really using therapy. (Not that you can't have problems or therapy elsewhere in the world), but she spoke to them with such awareness.
  8. One bat mitzvah episode of Sex and the City
    Samantha did PR for a rich girl's, played by Kat Dennings, Bat- Mitzvah. The gang couldn't believe how similar Kat and her young friends were to themselves. It was funny and true. I rue the day there was an open casting call for that Bat-Mitzvah girl part. :( she coulda been blonde!
  9. How to make it in America
    Sorry I know this wasn't exactly a critical acclaimed show, but elements were spot on. Lake Bell had been in NY forever, hanging out with the same people and didn't know what the fuck to do with herself. It rang a lil true guysssss
  10. American Pyscho
    Well obviously this isn't full realistic, but the need all the characters have to recreate the exact same type of life they grew up with is very real. The places they go and brands they talk about speak to reality too.
  11. Adam Driver in Frances Ha
    He's chill yet entitled! He's all everything gonna be fine and I'm cooooool. Lack of any understanding that there are "actual poor people," while still considering himself to be an artist. He's still lovable and hot as hell of course.
  12. Little Manhattan
    A love story between two elementary schoolers. It again shows the subtle differences between levels of wealth in NYC. The girl will eventually go to private school, but is enjoying public for the time being. Her parents "want her to learn about other people." She has an adopted Chinese baby sibling. This movie is warm and adorable.
  13. Igby goes Down
    Best of all attempts to put Holden Caufield on film.
  14. Uptown girls
    See "The Nanny" description. It also applies to Dakota Fanning's young character.
  15. It's kind of a funny story
    The pressure the main character feels to do well at Stuyvesant high school is totally relatable. You get why he checks himself into a mental hospital.
  16. Xanthippe oh Kimmy Schmidt
    Her attitude and clothes are 💯💯💯💯💯💯.
  17. Honorable mention for Francesca on season 1 of The Comeback
    So she was an LA kid, but you know similar. Her Mary-Kate Olsen outfits made me laugh so hard. She split protein bars with her best friend Kallah for all her meals. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  18. You will notice one film and one tv show have been left off
    Cruel Intentions is glorious, but has no place on this list. Gossip Girl is fun, and the books were real as hell when I was 12. The tone was super sarcastic and I loved it.
  19. Kids
    Pretty right on. Sadly.
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  20. Appropriate Behavior
    Desiree Ahkavan is great and one to watch.