What's hot rn. Kids, on da app, comment and add.
  1. RN
    Right now.
  2. AF
    As fuck
  3. TBH
    To be honest. Not necessarily new, but in.
  4. Lit
    Short for literally. Somehow better than literally because it's self aware of how unnecessary the word is. It's commenting on the usage of literally. IMO anyway.
  5. IMO
    V popular in emails rn, in my opinion.
  6. V
    V V V popular in tweets and texts and everywhere
  7. Np
    Usually tho, there is some kind of p
  8. Tho
    Tho is killing it though.
  9. NW
    No worries, I assumed you would be running late.
  10. BB
    I don't know but I see it used often
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  11. tn
    Suggested by @madambrose
  12. IRL
    In real life
    Suggested by @sacco
  13. Lmk
    Let me know
    Suggested by @caffrin
  14. smh
    Shaking my head. This is used ALL the time, usually in place of these emojis: 😑😒
    Suggested by @madambrose
  15. IDFWU
    As Big Sean would say, I don't f*ck with you.
    Suggested by @abelle
  16. Idrc
    I don't really care, do whatever you want.
    Suggested by @abelle