In my corner, anyway
  1. Cute Normal with glasses
    Cute guy standing right in front of where I sit. His Herschel Company backpack has hit my knee three times. I think this means he's attracted to me. Or he's thinking "will this weird girl stop staring at me? I'm meeting my singer goddess fiancée in ten minutes"
  2. Normal working girl with cool flats
    Safe person to have sitting next to you. Probably works in marketing. If the subway got stuck for a long time and we had to begin a new civilization, we could easily start a fun publication together.
  3. Older overweight woman, Grey hair.
    Directly across from me. Works for school board in NYC. Hates it. Thinks they're awful. Has made good friends with tourist next to her. She would head up school in new civilization.
  4. Tourist next to her.
    From Mexico City. Entertained by school board woman.
  5. Strange short person with crazy long chair sitting next to me on other side.
    Singing under her breath.
  6. Preppy guy with suitcase
    So preppy. Quilted vest over button down. Kakies. Must have sucked carrying this suitcase around in rush hour. Cute tho. Husband option 2 if we have to start new civilization down here. Obviously cute normal with glasses is husband option 1. Hopefully this guy would end up with my marketing friend and we'd be best couple friends.