I have a 1/2 sister, but she is nine years my senior and was not often present during my youth. So I consider myself a halfie: Half sibling/ half only. Anyhow this has been my experience.
  1. Loyalty to friends. They are your siblings. You need them. So badly. You also expect a lot from them.
  2. Enjoying or at least being totally cool with spending time alone.
    Can spend hours reading at home.
  3. Super close relationship with parents. You tell them A LOT.
    There was no one else at home. You had to share with someone!
  4. Extreme difficulty taking rejection.
    Your parents had only you. They loved you so much. How could anyone else not??????
  5. Talking to yourself.
    I used to put on plays in my room. I would dress up and play every character. I still talk to myself. 😁. I still think trying on outfits is a cool pastime.
  6. Love of other people's siblings, ones that they, or your other friends might find annoying.
    I used to love going over to @hillary 's house on Friday nights and having Chinese food with her younger brothers and their friends. I wanted to babysit for them. They are now in college frats and let me tell you it's just as much fun (if not more so) to hang out with them. Party time!!!!
  7. Need of attention, but also ability to remain unseen.
  8. Feeling like an adult from a very young age.
    You were the only kid at the dinner parties!
  9. Belief for longer than most that your parents knew everything. There was no one with whom to question their methods.
  10. Weird three musketeer dynamic with parents.
  11. Liking talking to adults and being good at it as a kid.
  12. Oh, anddddddd bein' a little bit spoiled.
  13. (You guyssss are rlly gonna missss me when I go back to work)
  14. Not socially chill
    Results from a combo of 1. Prematurely taking on adult expectations and behavior --> as if you're a parent, kids being kids makes you uptight and nervous and 2. Not getting to watch other ppl interact honestly in the house (parents are almost always guarded w each other in front kids) --> you don't really get how people relate in chill, honest way
    Suggested by @GettingChillerCharli