Parks I've panicked in
  1. Panic in Echo Park
  2. Panic in McCarren Park
    A couple times, a couples years ago
  3. Panic in Central Park
    My youth
  4. Panic In Park La Brea
    Leaving the SAT tutor's apartment.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  5. Panic in James Baird State Park (where I almost got busted at prom pre-gaming!....23 years ago?!)
    Suggested by @alyssa1976
  6. Panic in Forest Park
    Because you turn right to cut though thinking it works like the Transverse in Manhattan, but then you reach some sort of dead end and, if you get out, you're on the B.Q.E. (which is now the Jackie Robinson Parkway and that's a whole other confusing thing to panic about!)
    Suggested by @ReeseGolchin