People don't tell you if you look like an uggo. This is a fun silly narcissistic activity. I'm down!
  1. Katherine Hahn
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  2. My mom :)
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  3. My dad
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  4. Ashley Simpson
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    Before her nose job :(
  5. Anna Kournikova
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    She's hot as hell, so this isn't cool of me to post. But for the record I don't agree
  6. Jemima Kirke
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    I mean I'll take it.
  7. Iggy Azalea
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    We also have the same voice. Love me some cultural appropriation
  8. Your best friend from growing up
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    We have like the EXACT same vibe. It's SO weird. Oh my god I remind you of her so much!
  9. Adele's chin
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  10. North West
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  11. Meryl
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