1. "Home"
    The location has changed. The number has stayed the same. The classic 212.
  2. "Mom Work"
    Have been called and called this number consistently at least four times a day, my whole life. Also used to answer this phone very often: "hello, Anita friedman fine arts!"
  3. "Mom cell"
    Came onto the scene later in life, but a very important number. Fun fact: recorded the first voicemail message for this number. I did it in an English accent. People thought they had the wrong number, but my mother didn't know how to listen to her voicemail anyway. So it worked out.
  4. "Dad work"
    He is now retired and therefore this number is useless to me. But I know his line and reception. I used to call the front desk to see if he had left work yet. (He was was wont to ignore our calls) I was hungry. I wanted to eat dinner.
  5. "Hillary home"
    Been calling @hillary for a long ass time. This is sometimes useful if she is with her parents and trying to avoid me.
  6. "Hillary Cell"
    You know: 👯👯👯👯. Friendship.
  7. "Natalie cell," "Kristen cell," and "Rose cell"
    These were very important in high school when my sister's "line" was passed on to me and I had to call my friends for hours every night to discuss important subjects. A 917, a 914, and a 914 respectively. Yes, I had Westchester friends.
  8. My line from high school
    I think it was basically our fax number. My parents no longer have it.
  9. "Michael Beraka home"
    Michael is a friend I've known forever. I guess I used to call him a lot at home. It's grilled into my brain. I also used to call his mother.
  10. "Iris Cohen home"
    Mom's friend. I used to call her there if I couldn't reach her other places. Iris' phone number looks like her.
  11. "Jenny"
    Cousin who moved to New York when I was ten and became like big sister. I used to call her all the time and ask her to come over for dinner. This is a 646. It was the beginning of the end. Cherish your 917. I will never give mine up.
  12. Z100: New York's #1 hit music station
    1800-242-0100. Boy, did I want those jingle ball tickets. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.