No need for pee on the seat here, come on!! You should know I'm sort of germaphobic so I think this means something coming from me.
  1. Fancy gyms: spin, yoga, barre etc
  2. Fancy cafes where coffees are $6 and ⬆️ or there is a key to get into the bathroom
  3. Fancy and or Trendy restaurants
  4. Boutiques that have bathrooms
  5. Spas and or "med-spas"
    Anything facial or spray tan related, unless you have JUST gotten a spray tan, in which case, hover.
  6. Hotel lobbies
    I just feel like they're clean.
  7. Trendy cocktail bars from 6-9pm. After 9: hover!!!
  8. People's houses. (Really? Are you hovering?)