1. Make lists, obvi
  2. Online shop for "home appliances you cannot live without"
  3. Wash your hair and "finally teach yourself how to do a good blow out"
  4. Text friends about your dreams or other serious emotional problems you're dealing with
  5. Conversely, give friends an open text platform to discuss their own issues
    Surefire way to get nothing done all day long
  6. Expand your mind
    Read bullshit on the Internet
  7. Exercise
  8. Do a face mask or exfoliate
  9. Make lots of plans and put them in your g-cal
  10. Respond to emails.
    This is really for when you've got nothing left.
  11. Freak out about whether or not buying those shoes in red was really a good choice.
  12. Decide to return shoes and order in black.
  13. Decide to keep shoes and also order black. Return the ones you like least. (Maybe)
  14. Organize your junk drawer
    Suggested by @TT