1. "Why do you take so much Advil?"
  2. "Can I eat your muffin?"
  3. "Is today Tuesday?"
  4. "What did your shrink have to say about me?"
  5. "What's your plan for the day?"
  6. "Want to know my plan for the day?"
  7. "How can those be your pants? Those are my pants!"
  8. "Where are you meeting @hillary ?"
  9. "What kind of food is that?"
  10. "I worked out too hard and forgot dad's cell phone number. What is it?"
  11. "What day is today?"
  12. "What was that movie about? It made no sense."
  13. "Where are my shoes that I wore?"
  14. "Did you see my shoes?"
  15. "Do you remember Nancy Haskell? Her daughter is getting married and it's the same night as a concert. Do I have to go?"
  16. "It's Thursday, right?"
  17. Can I meet your shrink?