1. The billboards said "The only place to grow is up" and the whole season stuck to that
    I'm finally at that age where I realize I cannot fuck around anymore and I have to become an actual person. I felt the characters realizing this truth in small ways throughout the season. Each episode rang true to me. And I maybe cried a lot.
  2. Last night Jessa said she was going to be a therapist
    It felt so earned and made so much sense to me. It's right for her, but there is an element of practicality to it also. Even she is going to figure it out. This was my favorite part.
  3. Ray is fantastic
  4. Jason Ritter was wish fufillmenty and fun and I wanted him to ask me on a date, but then Shoshanna learned a lesson from him and realized she didn't have to be that girl.
  5. Zachary Quinto was perfect.
    I've met him at every art opening I've ever gone to.
  6. It was very funny.
  7. Hannah learned so much and we were on her side the whole time.
    The moment in last night's episode where Jake Lacey put his arm around her was perfect. And spoke worlds. He is a good actor.
  8. There was parent drama that felt real.
    Hannah realized she wasn't the only person in her family that needed help. This is a hard thing to learn for an only child. I know.
  9. This is sad, but I feel like everyone was dropping their illusions left and right and that's how I feel all the time. It's adolescence lost part two and I think it's healthy and important.
    This is same as first reason, but it's my main reasoning. Okay xo. Byeee
  10. Mimi-Rose was such a unique character, but her role in Hannah's and Adam's lives was so real.
    Everyone has been jealous of/taken in by a Mimi-Rose at some point.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  11. Also: season 1 Elijah said Hannah's dad was gay.
    And Elijah in general. ❤️💯
  12. The costume design/styling reflected character development in a really true way.
    Suggested by @alina
  13. The final shots of several episodes this season were amazing (i.e.: Ray & Hannah seated together at the bar in "Daddy Issues") -- they went out on great moments.
    Suggested by @AmandaJohns