I'm just gonna start some Man Men lists to get things moving. (Comment if you want a Mad Men request)
  1. Masturbating at a sleepover party
  2. Smoking a cig with Betty
  3. Kissing that dorky guy with a telescope, when we thought she was going for the hot older brother
  4. Confronting her father about seeing him with Linda Cardellini
  5. Her face when Don took her to the house he really grew up in
  6. When she got in a fight and told her mother she didn't care about breaking her perfect nose. She's not Betty!
  7. When she was sad that Glenn made out with her friend instead of her.
  8. When she refused to speak to Don as he drove her back to school last season.
  9. When she walked in on Roger getting a BJ from Megan's mother at that award ceremony.
    Listapp autocorrects BJ to an all caps name.