The most mundane of tasks, but you should do them!
  1. Take out the garbage. Don't let trash build up. That's really frightening
  2. Open your mail. Don't be afraid of your mail. Not opening it will only make the next envelope even scarier.
  3. Glance at the New York Times at least once a day. Don't let your narcissism overpower your need to know what's going on in the world.
  4. Buy two succulents. So you look cool.
  5. Buy a fancy dish or bowl that you can put bracelets or your keys in. This dish is not for food!
  6. Get that thing you've been meaning to frame, framed.
  7. Make sure your apartment is clean.
  8. Have a spice rack so when you open your cupboard, you're like "oh, shit, look what I made happen!"
  9. Don't forget that tchotchkes make a house a home.
  10. Brush your teeth.
  11. Make your bed.
  12. Give yourself facials by sticking your face in the dishwasher when it's really hot
  13. Make sure there is order to how your organize you underwear/bras and what have you.
  14. Give yourself goals.
    I'm gonna really do this. With charts and stuff. Charts unify us all.
  15. Say hi. Say bye.
  16. Floss
    After you do, the guilt goes away. It helps to have a post-it on your mirror that says "you'll feel better if you floss" (this works, true life) 🏆
    Suggested by @TheCreativeFail