I'm guilty of plenty of these.
  1. "Idk. Jeans and a top?"
  2. "Heels?"
    Well. This is just all of us. Across the board
  3. "I want to be so skinny people think something is wrong with me. Lol"
  4. "I can't spin this morning. Too hungover. Lol"
  5. "Honestly, if he doesn't text you. It's his loss. You're so amazing!"
    Did you even hear what I said?
  6. "Is she pretty?"
  7. "You're wayyyyyy prettier"
  8. "HOW does he have so many followers?"
  9. "He unfollowed me! How dareeeeeee he?"
  10. To a group of five: "what are we doing tonight?"
  11. "I'm sooooooooo full. Cn't go out"
  12. "Is it gonna be weird tho?"
  13. "Will it be awkward?"
  14. "I feel like its gonna be awk?"
  15. "Ur sure it won't be awk?"
  16. "Omg. He's being so awk"