1. Making a left turn on a street with no traffic lights
    Are you fucking crazy WaZe? Stop trying to kill me.
  2. Not peeing every hour
  3. Being vulnerable in front of people
  4. Confrontation.
    Even when I really really should do it.
  5. Paying parking tickets on time
  6. Wearing shoes other than booties, or variations on the bootie
  7. Holding back tears when I fall or stub my toe or something.
    I don't cry, but there is always a fantasy that If I start to, someone will magically come up behind me, hug me, and say it will be okay
  8. Not making these emo lists on here.
    Sometimes I think, "okay this one is really too much!" But then everyone is doing it and I'm all, "oh whatever"
  9. Not losing my keys every time I need to leave the house
  10. Not getting bogged down with other people's problems when I should be working
  11. Being on time. 😁
  12. Wearing color
  13. Stopping uncontrollable laughter when I really should.
    I just can't
  14. Doing work if my apartment isn't clean.
  15. Not talking.
  16. Or sometimes: talking!
    Sometimes I am speechless and uncomfortable
  17. Not worrying that I have ruined my hair stylist's entire day if I ask to move our hair cut.
    She can tell me no if it doesn't work for her. It's okay to inconvenience people sometimes
  18. Not feeling like a kid, or thinking that everyone sees me as a kid.
  19. Knowing that this is maybe not the most revolutionary list, and nothing may ever be, but that's okay.
  20. It's possible I've taken a Xanax or two tonight, but we're all open about that on here? Oh
    Listapp is ruining my brand.
  21. Only deliberate and serious lists that add to the world from NOW on!